Wrapping it up

Well, things here are finally on the up swing. We seemed to have recovered from the black spiral of death we were in. Of course there are a few minor issues remaining, but I believe the local account team can handle them.

Things I have learned:

1. Before you can take care of others, you must first take care of yourself.

2. Expect the best, and deal with the bad as it happens, don't expect it.

3. After being here for a month now. I am now ready for Taco Bell.

4. Friends are friends and they will stick by you when you need them the most.

5. There's no place like home. And home is where you make it.
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will it never end

I'm getting way too old for this kind of stuff. I remember in my younger days I could work the 18 to 20 hours days and brush it off like it was nothing. Now, I'm good for maybe 2 days of that before I have to recharge. Sign of getting old I guess, chuckle.

To top it off my brother sends me an email to let me know our mother is in the hosiptal with a bone infection in both her feet. It is due to her diabetes and that they may have amputate one or both of her feet.

It's hard to concentrate on work when you have the personal stuff filling your head. And now I have to extend my stay here for another week. Aaarrrrggggghhhhh! Went up to the hill behind the fab that has become my reflecting/sanctuary place and cried for awhile to get it all out.

Can't wait to get home.
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needed the connection

Have you ever just had a panic attack for no reason. For whatever reason I had to talk to someone. I'm here in Korea working my not so little ass off. Day in, day out I've been sloughing may way back and forth from work. The account team here barely acknowledges my presence. Only when they need something or think I'm fucking up do they talk to me.

I have not had a decent conversation since I've been here, with anybody. I had to call someone back in the States just so I could reconfirm that there are people outside of this place. Thanks buddy,(you know who you are), for bringing me back to the real world, if for only a moment. And sorry about interrupting your movie night.
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bright side

I wish I had more things to say right now. I feel like a slug cuz my writing has been almost nil. Working 15 -18 hours a day in the fab, get back to the hotel and passout to wake-up and do it all over again. I'm getting too old for this stuff.

I feel the most alive when I'm with my extended family of the Jesters. We are all different but the same. Wish I could just wrap us all up and start up a commune somewhere. An Improv commune, free laughs for all.
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wanderings of the mind

Left from the fab late last night. Strolled up the big hill by the hotel, sat and watched the town below. Laid down and looked to the sky. Hearing the wind weave its way through grass and trees. So relaxing, so peaceful, reflecting on the past pondering the future, seeing within.

Thanks to those who put up with me, sorry to those who I've hurt.
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a shopping we will go

Took this Sunday off from working and took a taxi to one of the shopping districts nearby. I really love the shopping over here. I picked up some really cool shirts for dirt cheap. Good quality and cheal prices makes the world go around.

I was haggling with this one guy over a silk robe, it was hilarious beyond belief. I say a price, the guy would grab his chest and say in english,"You're killing me man!" Then he would say say a price and watch for my reaction. He could have won an Oscar for his perfomance.

I also picked up some medicinal ginseng wine from a herabl shop. It's a clear glass container with a whole ginseng root in it. The owner told me that it needs to sit for a couple of years in order for it reach full potency.

I'll be going back next weekend to get some more things. Think I'm going to have to buy a suitcase just to take this extra stuff back.

Beautiful day, sun shining, people out and about walking, socializing, it is days like these that makes me happy to be alive.
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on the road again

Well here I am in Korea. The flight was ok for being 13 some hours long. At least the plane wasn't packed like a sardine can.

I caught a taxi to Suwon and checked into the hotel all right. The room itself is nice, a 2 person jacuzzi in the bathroom and a cool shower. As soon as I get pics of it I'll post them. I have a 45 inch widescreen TV in the room and no closets.

Today when I went to the company office everybody was asking me how the hotel is. When I would tell them that It's pretty nice for 60 bucks U.S.$ They all kind of just chuckled a bit. Come to find out, my hotel use to be a hooker hotel that was rented by the hour. It seems the new owners didn't want to have a hotle that was known for quickies and they converted it into a business hotel. I was trying to figure out why there was a packet of Summer's Eve in the bathroom, now I know.

I'm planning on doing the tourist thing near the end of the install. With any luck I will be able to get out and see the sights.
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cool beans

Went and attended a taping of "Unscrewed" last night up in the city. I am a big fan of the show and have a lust crush on the Co-host, Laura Swisher. When I lived in LA I attended several tapings of shows but this one I enjoyed the most. They taped 2 shows while we were there. One of the guys that was interviewed was one of designers of diapers for Astronuats. Which in turn became Adult diapers as we know them today. The discussion was over items that were made for the space program and how they translated over into everyday uses for us little people.

Very informative and entertaining. Oh yeah, the girls gone wild segment had me mesmerized. I liked the whole way the crew was loose and fast with responding to what was being done. Those guys are so cool. Did I mention I had a lust crush on Laura Swisher.
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winding down

Well I found out today that I will be flying out next week for Korea. Normally I would be happy about that but this is starting to really wear on me. Granted my traveling has greatly reduced over the last year or so. However, the routine will be the same. In the fab 15 - 18 hours 7 days a week, writing the daily reports afterwards 1 - 2 each day for 3 - 4 weeks, yeah I'm just so looking forward to this.

It would be so bad I guess if I could get out and do something to break up the routine and stimulate the mind. Oh well, such is life, just means I need to find something that doesn't involve travel as much.
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It's been awhile and now I am seriously Jones'n for some Improv. I miss my extended family.

Bright note: I received my new 55" widescreen TV on Sunday. It's awesome, how did our parents survive on just watching those 19" screens?
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